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Live Stream Data and Imagery

The future of Drones are limitless

Speed & Control

Using the latest technology and fast network we can live stream with low latency.

Live Stream

Streaming Live drone footage in real time straight to your team or conference call.

Map Locations

We don't just provide stunning imagery, we also provide real-time location data, all in sync with the images.


All our feeds are recorded
and stored remotely on our secure Database to review later or share with colleagues and stakeholders.

Decision Make

You and your teams can make instant decisions, without attending site saving on vital efficiency measures.


Throughout the live feed you and your team can communicate direct with the Remote Pilot, getting the data you need when you need it.


Live feeds enable you and your teams to get your asset inspection data to subject experts, anywhere in the world.

Teams on Site

Authorised Team Members can tap into Live and Historical Data anytime,
on or off site.

Project Manage

Not only are you the project leader, you can also effectively become the co-pilot by passing vital instructions to the Remote Pilot during the live feed.



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