Flat Roof Inspection.

Flat Roof Inspections.

The smallest of roof leaks can be costly in terms of damage and repairs, and that’s where a drone flat roof inspection can play a critical part. One of the most common reasons for claims on home insurance policies is damage to roofs after storms and heavy rain. Water getting into your home can cause devastating damage to wiring, plasterwork, carpets and internal contents.

Have you ever had a claim turned down? Unfortunately, this is all too common as insurance company argue it is due to ‘wear and tear’ and a lack of maintenance rather than sudden damage caused by a storm. If this happens, it’s worth getting a roof inspection report for insurance.

Insurance claims can be confusing and often a lengthy process, the more evidence you have the easier your claim is.

Carrying out repairs without authorisation and the policy excess level can be confusing. If you’re looking to make a claim after a heavy storm it’s probably affected thousands of other homeowners, meaning the insurance company will be busier than ever. Actually getting to speak to someone may be a challenge, and getting a Loss Adjuster out to inspect your roof could take weeks.

A good investment?

Paying for your own roof inspection report for insurance claims can be a very worthwhile investment. Traditionally, this would involve calling a local roofing contractor. Again, at busy times of the year, it can be difficult to get someone out, especially if it’s a small job like a home roof inspection report.

Fortunately, drone technology has made things much easier. A drone roof inspection report for insurance claims can take less than half an hour from the time the pilot arrives at your home. There’s no need for ladders or scaffolding, a drone pilot just needs to carry out a few safety checks and have a place to take off and land from. The onboard camera can produce a highly detailed roof inspection report ideal for making an insurance claim.

You don’t have to wait until there’s a problem to get a drone roof inspection report of course. If you’re buying a new property or just want to plan for maintenance and repairs it’s worth contacting local drone hire companies.

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